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At Everbridge, we strongly believe in transparency and open communication around our Security, Privacy, Compliance and Sustainability initiatives and processes. Instead of responding to individual customer questionnaires or answering detailed questions over email, we've published our policies and white papers that contain detailed answers to commonly asked questions provided by our experts. These materials are readily available for easy access, review, and download, and they provide more comprehensive answers than a questionnaire format permits.

Questionnaires: We have provided responses to industry standard questionnaires, SIG Lite and CAIQ. Given the diverse operations and distinct features of various products in our portfolio, we have tailored documentation to cover each one. This targeted documentation provides specific insights and guidance for each solution.

Applicability: When you see certain initials marked on the documents, they correspond to the specific solutions within our product range. This way, you can easily find the information that’s most relevant to your needs. We have also provided documents that describe our general practices that may not be applicable to all products, especially certain products not named here:

EB: Critical Event Management Suite (Mass Notification, Safety Connection, Visual Command Center, Travel Protector & Crisis Management) xM: xMatters Digital Operations Platform RS: RedSky E911 SC: SnapComms Employee Communication (Inform and Engage)

These policies and practices to assist with you diligence requirements, these are not product documents intended to be a product documentation or feature descriptions are referenced in service agreements. Everbridge follows continuous improvement practices, which means the materials presented here are subject to revision especially as related to regulatory and compliance framework changes.

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